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Self Aware, Self Defence

Having the presence of mind to examine your strength's and weaknesses with honesty is a major aspect of self defence within Ninjutsu.

Only with a certain level of self awareness can you really be able to provide an adequate self defence against an assailant. We would all like to believe that we are stronger than the average man and faster than the average man but unfortunately the majority of us aren't. By being self aware, a man can understand how he needs to conduct himself in a self defence situation. Rather than trying to out muscle a stronger attacker or be quicker than a faster attacker, he can learn to out manoeuvre either.

A man that tells himself that he is strong and only trains to be stronger than every attacker is a man who is inflexible. Such a man will always meet his match and then be found wanting. A man who trains himself as if he is a weak man and a slow man will triumph as he will never be surprised by superior speed and strength. This is a man with a strong mentality and a flexible mind. This is a man that will excel in self defence and particularly Ninjutsu.

Self Defense Classes

The art of Ninjutsu was born in ancient Japan, at a time when people lived and died by the strength of their martial art abilities. Unlike many other martial arts, Ninjutsu has no sporting concept. The victor wouldn't receive a medal but merely live on, until the next time he or she was forced into using their deadly skills. Ninjustsu is a true self defence system focused on survival whatever the situation.

Many of todays self defence systems have attempted to modify and rebrand Ninjutsu but have unfortunately failed due to the fact that they are over reliant on speed and strength, and have therefore glossed over the subtleties that make Ninjutsu what it is. Strength and speed wane over time but movement, distance and timing are eternal.

By not being over reliant on speed and strength, Ninjutsu has the upper hand over modern self- defence systems. The very nature of Ninjutsu is to find ways around speed and strength which is what sets it apart from almost all other arts. For instance, in most martial arts, people will notice their abilities decline as their bodies age and decline and therefore, by the time they reach 50 years of age they could never hope to achieve the same feats that they did when they were 30 years of age. Within Ninjutsu that 20 years would show a marked improvement and understanding of combat instead of showing a decline in what one used to be able to do. For this reason practitioners of Ninjutsu would never need to retire from it after dedicating years of their lives to it. They would merely adapt to the extra stresses placed on their bodies and their increased understanding of the art would make them more powerful well into the later years of their lives.

Our Ninjustsu Cardiff self defence classes are avaliable every Wednesday 7:30pm til 9:00pm for adults and teenagers. No experience is necessary and our classes are perfect for beginners and experienced martial artists alike. If you would like more information please get in touch.